Que tal el silo

Here a list of some of the updates for this beta:
-The topology brush close loop and continúe stroke functionality has ben corrected and restored.
– Double-clicking on Silo-associated files Will open them in Silo.
– Several obj improvements, including speed increases and the option todo import/export objects as groups is back.
– Fixed locking issues. (only objects and object groups are available todo be locked.)
– Fixed a bug with hiding and unhiding Faces.
– Fixed a crash when using merge across the mirror seam of a mirrored object.
– Fixed a spin Edge crash.
– Updated default preferencias, and added presets for mouse settings.
– Fixed issues with lazo selection and área selection, so they are much more reliable.
– Fixed issues with toggle current subdivisión.
– Fixed a Normal Map generation crash.
– Added status información for file loading and saving.
– Fixed (*.png) alpha issues for Normal Map export.
– Fixed an issue with saving a.sib file with UV proxies as a.sia file.
– Fixed more general crashes.
– Opening the brush editor (shift + t) Will automátically enter the displacement brush. Use this command if you want both todo open at once.
– Fixed an issue on Mac where numerical entry didnt work when a window was not docked.

Pléase let us know if you have any problems with installátion, and of course por favor kep posting about bugs and critical issues.

And once more, just because it fun todo yell sometimes:
Important: your registration code Will not work for this beta. You must use it as the fully-functional demo versión.

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