BlackMouth busca Generalista 3D

Empresa: Blackmouth Games
Actividades: Desarrollo de videojuegos
Investigación y desarrollo
Número de trabajadores: 18
Información acerca de la empresa:
Empresa desarrolladora de videojuegos
Texto de la oferta:
In Blackmouth the VFX Artists will create amazing videos and special effects and particles for Pc and Console high quality games.

Requisitos mínimos:
-Previous experience in game development
-Knowledge of visual effects techniques for creating realtime VFX in a 3D Game Engine
-Knowledge in video production
-Animation experience
-Strong knowledge of Unreal Engine
-Knowledge of game development
-Taking initiative and making creative inputs
-Ability to positively accept and Apply feedback
-Adaptability and willingness to Apply yourself to different styles of
Requisitos deseados:
-Experience creating particle systems and VFX in 3D packages (Maya, Houdini or 3DSMax)
-Experience with VFX techniques and plugins for 3D software packages
-Expertise in GLSL or HLSL would be beneficial
-Communication skills
-Create Motion Graphics and Animations
-Create realistic visual effects using particles, animation, sprites, materials, and more.

Operate Camera, work with lighting, and use microphones to shoot videos and record audio.

Collaborate with Engineenering, Art, Design and Marketing departments.

Tightly collaboration with the design team to prototype and implement visual feedback for gameplay Mechanics.

Ensure that resulting effect is optimised for online Pc games.

Scripting of Game Engine events, VFX and mensaje processing.

Maintain a consistent art style working closely with your lead artist and art director.

-Be part of an exceptional experience, creating amazing Games.

Creative, modern and open working place in Madrid city está hermanada con de ahí nace esta oferta de empleo.

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