Tahutahu studios busca 3d generalista

Solicitante: Tahutahu Studios
Fecha de la solicitud: 16/01/17
Dirección de contacto: tahutahustudios@gmail.com.

Texto de la solicitud: We are a small indie team that is starting now the production for Idearum, a platformer-puzzle game.
We are looking for a Low Poly 3D generalist to help our Art Director with prop creation.

Idearum is a 3D puzzle-platformer where the player must guide Eidos, an ànima, th rouge a series of tests in order to escape from Limbo and enter the Golden City of Atlantis.

Here you have some of the early art for the game: https://mahatmandie.com/project-type/idearum/.

If you want to know more about the game, contact us on tahutahustudios@gmail.com
If you have some sort of portfolio or things to show, attach them as links por favor.

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